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In the summer of 2004 I began to lose feeling in both feet, and by that winter I had very little feeling left in either leg from the knees down. Numerous doctor visits, tests, and many medications later, little had improved and numbness was beginning in my hands and arms. By spring of 2005 I had to retire from my teaching job and was quickly becoming housebound. I continued to seek traditional medical treatment for another year, but very little helped to correct the condition.

At the urging of my wife, in July of 2006 I sought help from Dr. Lili He at Carroll Acupuncture Clinic and within two months I began to notice an improvement. With regular treatment and herbs over the next two years the numbness gradually disappeared and today (August, 2011) I have regained 95% of the feeling in my legs and feet and 100% in my hands and arms. I still have PMR, Fibromyalgia and Arthritis, but the effects of these diseases are a much less significant part of my life.

I continue to have treatments from Dr. He every two to three weeks or so which has held the effects of these diseases in check. I firmly believe that without acupuncture, I would be in a wheelchair or, at the least, house-bound.

In addition to the above problem, I also suffered with hyperhydrosis, or excessive sweating.  Within two to three weeks of beginning Dr. Hee’s treatments, that condition completely disappeared and has not returned.

-Jim B.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia over 20 years ago.  Lili He began treating me 5 years ago.  I now visit her periodically for maintenance of my progress.  With Lili's care I have been able to cease medications, even over-the counter pain meds. Lili and I work as a team.  Her skills along with maintaining nutrition, exercise and sleep routine have allowed a decrease in pain and discomfort.  Lili has also helped me with sciatica, tinnitus, and jaw issues.  I am eternally grateful to this gentle and compassionate woman for her skills that have allowed me to return to a normal life. 

-Mary J.

I was told at the age of 42 that I had poor cholesterol and that the best thing I could do for myself is to change my eating habits and lose weight.  I had tried many methods in the past but had not been successful with keeping the weight off.  When Dr. Lili told me she could help me lose weight and keep if off with acupuncture I was more than ready to give it a try. She explained that I would need to come in for acupuncture three times a week for three months. I asked her if I had to count calories she said no just watch your portion sizes and exercising regularly. 

 I began weight loss acupuncture in August.  By September I had lost 10 pounds and another 10 pounds by November.  Even though my treatment period was over I continued to lose weight.  In December I had lost a total of 27 pounds. By May I had lost another 10 pounds for a total of lost 35 pounds and improved my cholesterol significantly.

On this particular weight loss journey I continue to ponder, what makes this time different?  I am not counting points and not attending weekly meetings as I had in the past.  I am simply doing as Dr. Lili suggested, watching my portions and exercising regularly.  I did this with other programs too, but didn’t have the level of success I have experienced with acupuncture.  I am amazed how easy it was to the shed the weight and how I continue to lose weight even months after the treatment is over. I am much more active and aware of what I am eating.  I am so grateful to Dr. Lili for helping me lose weight and improving my overall health.  Thank you Dr. Lili!!


I first saw Dr. He about 3 years ago with several issues. I was tired of going to western physicians and specialists who would look at me based on what their specialty was and not as a whole person.
 Dr. He is a wonderful listener and diagnostician. Her holistic approach with acupuncture and herbs has helped me regain my strength and balance. I have learned so much from her and have become an acupuncture 'afficionado' and attaining "acu-bliss" during these sessions.
 Acupuncture reaffirms that we are energetic beings, and going twice a month has made a world of difference! Don't wait until something goes wrong! Start listening to your body and take the time for yourself, Dr. He is utterly fantastic! The needles are not painful - so don't let that scare you!
 if you seek a holistic practitioner who listens, treats you with dignity and respect, you too will feel the difference that Dr. He and acupuncture can do for you! B= If you have insurance that covers alternative treatments, you just pay your deductible up front and then a nominal co-pay every month.
 Dr. He does all the paperwork for the insurance company which is really rare for most acupuncture practioners.
 Dr. He really goes the extra mile. The herbs are fantastic and have made a huge difference for me too! Thank you, Dr. He for helping me, you truly a rare and caring soul.

Fondly, Abby T.

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