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Scope of Services         

Including but not limited to:

Manual Acupuncture Therapies; Electrical Acupuncture therapies; Moxibustion therapies; Cupping therapies; Chinese herbs; Chinese Tuina/Acupressure therapy; Infrared Lamp-TDP; Guasha

    Scope of Services - Carroll Acupuncture Clinic in Eldersburg, MD

Pain Management

Back pain                                                              Fibromyalgia
Sciatica                                                                 Shingles
Neck Stiffness/Pain                                              Sprains/Strains
Carpal Tunnel                                                       Tennis elbow
Hip Pain                                                               Bursitis
Shoulder Pain                                                       Neuralgia
Joint Pain                                                             Sport's injury
Leg pain/cramps                                                  Whiplash
Tendonitis                                                            Work-related/auto-related injury

General Health

Acid Reflex                                                        Bell's Palsy
Gall Bladder disorders                                        Post-Stroke paralysis
Irritable Bowel Syndrome                                  Immune enhancement
Digestive Dysfunction                                        Cancer support
Allergies/Asthma                                                Cholesterol Management
Sinus Infection                                                    Prostate Problem
Hey Fever                                                            Hemorrhoids
Stress/Anxiety                                                     Kidney related problems

Skin Problems (Acne, eczema,psoriasis)
Fatigue                                                                 Thyroid Conditions
Dizziness/Vertigo                                                 Common Cold
Headache/Migraine                                              Smoking cessation/addictions

Women's Health

Infertility                                                             Menstrual disorders
Assistance with IUI & IVF PMS Procedures     Migraine Headache
Miscarriage's                                                        Urinary tract infection
Post-Partum depression                                    

Vaginal infection (bacterial, yeast, trichomonas)
Pregnancy support                                             Menopausal Syndrome

Acupuncture can help with Post-COVID syndrome

COVID ‘Long Haulers’

Such as fatigue, shortness of breath, cough, joint pain and chest pain. Other issues include cognitive problems, difficulty concentrating, depression, muscle pain, headache, rapid heartbeat and intermittent fever etc. 

We are in network with:

CareFirst/BCBS, Cigna

We accept United Health Care or Aetna if you have out of network acupuncture benefits.

Be sure to contact your insurance carrier to see if you have Acupuncture Benefits. We file as a courtesy; you are responsible for unpaid insurance claims.

For patients who are not insured a    Self- Pay option is available.