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Scope of Services

Including but not limited to the followings:

Manual Acupuncture Therapies; Electrical Acupuncture therapies; Moxibustion therapies; Cupping therapies; Chinese herbs; Chinese Tuina/Acupressure therapy; Infrared Lamp-TDP; Guasha

Dr. He specialized in the following areas:

Pain Management:

Back pain                                                               Fibromyalgia
Sciatica                                                                  Shingles
Neck Stiffness/Pain                                               Sprains/Strains
Carpal Tunnel                                                        Tennis elbow
Hip Pain                                                                 Bursitis
Shoulder Pain                                                        Neuralgia
Joint Pain                                                              Sport's injury
Leg pain/cramps                                                   Whiplash
Tendonitis                                                             Work-related/auto-related injury

General Health:

Acid Reflex                                                           Bell's Palsy
Gall Bladder disorders                                          Post-Stroke paralysis
Irritable Bowel Syndrome                                    Immune enhancement
Digestive Dysfuction                                            Cancer support
Allergies/Asthma                                                  Cholestoral Management
Sinus Infection                                                      Prostate Problem
Hey Fever                                                             Hemorrhoids
Stress/Anxiety                                                      Kidney related problems
Depression                                                            Skin Problems (Acne, exzema, psoriasis)
Fatigue                                                                  Thyroid Conditions
Dizziness/Vertigo                                                 Common Cold
Headache/Migraine                                              Smoking cessation/addictions

Women's Health

Infertility                                                             Mestrual disorders
Assistance with IUI & IVF PMS Procesures      Migaine Headache
Miscarraige                                                         Urinary tract infection
Post-Partum depression                                      Vaginal infection (bacterial, yeast, trichomonas)
Pregnancy support                                              Menopausal Symdrome

Carroll Acupuncture Clinic

1912 Liberty Road
Country Village Center
Eldersburg, MD 21784

Phone: 410 795 2205